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Spring Break is right around the corner. It’s finally time for a much-needed vacation and you’re preparing before you go out of town. Since no one is home, the HVAC can just be turned off…right? Wrong! Turning off your HVAC unit can actually cost you more money than leaving it on.

Here are some tips to save money while you’re out of town:
1.Set your thermostat about four degrees higher.
It’s important to keep your HVAC system on even while you’re away. Just turn the temperature up on your thermostat to about four degrees higher than usual to save money and control air flow in your home.
2.Check your filter before you leave.
Having a clean filter prevent any malfunctions from happening while you are away.
3.Make sure all the air vents are open.
Having all of the air vents open in your home will help prevent the airflow from being disrupted.
4.Close all of the windows in your home.
Don’t let any hot air in by closing windows and any cracks in doors.
5.If your unit is acting up, get it checked before you leave.
You can schedule a maintenance check to make sure your system is working OK before you leave. Call Wisdom Refrigeration and our technicians will be able to help you!
Wisdom wishes you safe travels, and if you’re needing service on your HVAC unit please visit www.wisdomrefrigeration.com or call 580-323-2003 to schedule an appointment.

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